We exist to help more professional services firms turbocharge their growth.

We are a specialist professional services marketing agency. It’s all we do, day in, day out. With over 75 years of combined experience working inside and outside of companies in professional services, we know what keeps leaders in those firms awake at night, and we know how to solve their problems. We know from experience that the best firms in this sector thrive by hiring knowledgeable, passionate experts like us.

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At STM our only job is to make your clients feel something. Hope, joy, surprise, delight.

And so, in our agency, there is no business to business or talk of integration or debate about customer acquisition and retention. Instead, we talk about how we need to make your new clients feel something to ensure they do business with you and how we focus relentlessly on making sure your existing clients feel so happy that they want to stay with you forever.

You might now spend some time having a look around our website. You’ll see we’ve deliberately put all the boring things in it with the boring names and details about the things we do very well. Just because we wouldn’t want you to think we aren’t, well, professional.

But, really, we only care about one thing, which is finding ways to make sure that our clients don’t get ignored.

Are you ambitious, driven and fun to work with?

We work with a mixture of large, global professional services firms through to independent consultants. Our choice is to work with clients are who are ambitious, driven and fun to work with.

STM has brought real clarity to our marketing, which has meant we are now maximising every pound of our marketing budget. I would happily talk to any business owner and share first-hand our experience of working with STM and I would go so far to say it’s been our most rewarding outsourced experience to date.

Fraser Silvey
Managing Director, Connor
In working with STM, I have a strategic partnership which feels more like an inhouse team, who understand my market, are responsive to our needs and bring their creativity, pragmatism and ideas to the table every time.
Claire Rahmatallah
Director of Marketing, Sova
I’ve been impressed with STM’s ability to rapidly understand complex briefs, sculpting beautifully crafted yet punchy messages that can be delivered across multiple platforms. They have brought our brand alive.
Ed Parsloe
Chief Executive, The OCM Group

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