Our only job is to make your clients feel something

They are all such odd-sounding phrases to most people. Business to Business, Professional Services, Account-Based Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Retention and the very best of them all, Human Capital Management.

Most of them are dull, some are a bit meaningless, but all of them are, well, just so unnecessary. Why is that?

Well, you see, here’s the rub. We all know that the speed of technology change is almost God-like. None of us can keep up with it because we’d all have to be operating at the speed of light, which none of us can. We can, however, very easily keep up with something that has existed way before technology was even a thing. Because, for two hundred thousand years, human emotion has not changed one bit.

In the same way that the first person ever to roam the earth cried, laughed, worried, loved, hated, got bored, felt anxious, appreciated beauty, craved, feared and imagined, so we all do that today. And, by the way, so do those human beings that we call our clients, and you call your customers. Like you, our only job is to make those clients feel something. Hope, joy, surprise, delight, challenged and safe in the knowledge that we have their back and that we care.

And so, in our agency, there is no business to business or talk of integration or debate about customer acquisition and retention. Instead, we talk about how we need to make your new customers feel to ensure they do business with you. We focus on making your existing customers feel so happy that they want to stay with you forever.

And finally, we like to focus on how our people feel about working with us. Because the better everyone feels, the more progress we’ll all make together.

That’s all well and good, you might say, but what does that mean you’ll do for us? Because I guess we’ll be paying a fee for this set of feelings? The answer is yes; you will be paying a fee because we will deliver not AI but IA in response to your brief. That’s an irregular answer to you and me. The kind of idea that you won’t have thought about before but will make you feel surprised, delighted and sometimes a bit nervous, which is good. If your agency gave you ideas that you could come up with yourself, that would be a silly way for you to spend your hard-earned money. After that, we will make you feel safe knowing that our processes and teams will consistently deliver things on time and within budget. And, you’ll also feel happy that you have an agency partner that understands your world and all of its challenges. Did we mention that we have over 75 years of experience of that weird thing they call professional services?

Whatever it is, we’ve got it, and so we will also leave you feeling consistently confident that you can throw almost any problem our way, and we will have seen it before. Talking of consistency, we’ve got a thought for you here as well. We hear many people talk about the need for consistency in their marketing, and we agree. But it’s also worth remembering that there’s no point being consistently so unoriginal and dull that you get ignored!

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