And the winner is…. Why applying for awards is worth your time

Imagine writing the words ‘award winning’ in front of your company name. It’s a nice thought, and it’s more achievable than you might think. Winning, or even being shortlisted for an award raises awareness, enhances credibility, boosts team morale, attracts new talent and sets you apart from your competition. A recent study by Hendricks & Singhal of the University of Western Ontario and Georgia Institute of Technology revealed that corporate award winners had 37% more sales growth compared to their peers – an interesting statistic.

So, how can awards help your company grow?

Get the edge – Companies have to fight constantly to win attention over competitors, and awards can give your company the edge when your prospective clients need to identify you from the crowd.

Build industry credibility – Being placed on an awards shortlist will build respect for your firm and provide a competitive advantage in a saturated labour market.

Free publicity -The publicity that comes with winning (or even being shortlisted for) an award will be a blessing for your marketing team. The reach your company can expect will increase your visibility across your industry and likely result in new clients finding out about your firm.

Boost morale – Awards recognise those employees working hard to execute your strategy and can be a huge boost for your team, particularly if you nominate individuals for running successful projects or executing extraordinary work.

Attract new talent -We all recognise how much employee retention can be a challenge, but receiving recognition for your company’s work can not only keep your current team feeling valued and respected, it can also work wonders in attracting new hires.

Priceless networking opportunities – Award ceremonies provide a perfect opportunity to connect with peers and make new connections.

Where to start?

Knowing where to start can be confusing – there are a ton of awards that exist and most have a lengthy application process, so let us walk you through how to get your project or company noticed.

Focus on your strengths – Consider what makes you stand out from the crowd. If your company has a fantastic employe engagement strategy or runs a respected wellbeing initiative then focus on these aspects to increase your chances of winning.

Think local -If your firm is regionally based, target awards that are local to you as these will have the best reach to your potential clients.

Learn from your competitors – Check out what awards your competitors have won or have been shortlisted for. This will give you a great starting point in finding awards that are best suited to you.

Ask who you’re doing this for – If you want to build your client list then applying for awards alone will not be your silver bullet. Target awards with a goal in mind.

Equally if you are keen to acknowledge your team then nominate them personally for successful projects that they’ve led. Applying for awards to boost morale can be extremely worthwhile.

Preparing for the win -This isn’t a sign or arrogance that you’re going to win, but you should always prepare to win! Draft a press release to send out immediately after the announcement, and make sure you have all the necessary assets from the award organisers primed and ready to go. Add logos and the phrase ‘award-winning’ on your website and emails – the more prominent you make your win, the better your company will look.

Use email marketing and social media to tell the story of your win. Include photos of your team at the ceremony and a short statement from a company representative. Don’t forget to thank your employees – it couldn’t have happened without them!

Display your award in your reception area so it can be seen by all.

Even if you don’t come away with an award, the work done preparing is not wasted. There is no reason you cannot announce being named a finalist – it’s still an honour. The content created for the application can be repurposed for other awards and for use across your website and branding. Those photos and testimonials can be put to good use, so don’t waste them!

It can be a lot of work to get those nominations and wins but it will be worth it when your string of accolades sets you apart from the crowd.

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