Building Lifetime Customer Value

Developing and deepening relationships with your key client stakeholders

How many new clients do you need to win to grow your business effectively?

In Professional Services, the answer is always the same. Not as many as you think. And it’s this answer that informs our approach to how we are helping our clients acquire, grow, and retain their customers.

Like you, we are trying to build a business, and so we always focus on five things when it comes to building lifetime customer value.

  • Improving our communication with our clients about our achievements and our potential.
  • Developing and deepening relationships with key client stakeholders, especially at board level.
  • Identifying new challenges and leads within our existing clients.
  • Capturing feedback and market intelligence from our clients.
  • Finding opportunities and generating ideas capable of building long term revenue generation.

These principles serve us well, so we are happy to use them to build our clients’ approach to creating lifetime customer value.

The team at STM earnt the respect of all of the senior people within Connor very, very quickly. Their speed of execution is phenomenal and is something we’ve not experienced before. They have brought real clarity to our marketing, which has meant we are now maximising every pound of our marketing budget. I would happily talk to any business owner and share first-hand our experience of working with STM and I would go so far to say it’s been our most rewarding outsourced experience to date.

Fraser Silvey
Managing Director, Connor

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