Case Study – The OCM Group



Enhancing The OCM Group’s visual identity and approach to social media & content marketing

The OCM Group has shaped the evolution of the coaching profession for more than 20 years. The company offers coaching and mentoring services to individuals, FTSE 350 organisations and small, ambitious firms, to help them achieve their strategic goals and growth plans. 

Our relationship with The OCM Group began back in 2018 when the company recognised it needed to be more focused in its approach to social media and content development.



Our initial work with The OCM Group involved developing a new social media strategy for the company. This included developing a new social content plan and the regular sharing of content developed by The OCM team, such as programme announcements, services, offerings and company news – coupled with the sharing of carefully curated 3rd party content that would have relevance with their target audience.

Following the success of this social media strategy, our work evolved into enhancing the company’s visual identity and sales materials, including:

  • The refinement and development of key messages to attract people on to their coaching programmes.
  • Developing a suite of brochures and collateral templates that would allow buyers to better understand the qualifications available to them.
  • Working alongside a web development agency to support in the design of key creatives needed for the company’s new website.
  • The creation of animated logo bookends for a new suite of promotional videos.
I have enjoyed working with all of the different individuals within STM.  We love the fact they are specialists in professional services and each of the team are unique and talented in their own area. We enjoy the support they provide us and their ability to challenge us. It’s fair to say they have moved us forward in our marketing over the last couple of years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who wants to take the same strides forwards as we have with our marketing.
Ed Parsloe
CEO, The OCM Group