Creative Ideas

For over 200,000 years, one thing hasn’t changed: how we all feel

The power of emotion matters in Professional Services.

For over 200,000 years, one thing hasn’t changed: how we all feel. And to create feelings, you need to tell stories. Neuroscience tells us that, and so does our own experience. The second principle is around maximising mental availability. In other words, finding ideas that cut through, get noticed, and live in the hearts and minds of people for years. That’s what we mean by creativity.

And here’s a quick history lesson from school. Do you remember when we all had that fantastic teacher who just knew how to bring their subject to life? Videos, role play, listening to people talk about the topic at hand, reading about it and then creating something we could all join in with.

They just instinctively knew that we all consume information in different ways. And we are not all built the same way. That’s the best analogy we’ve got for how you approach content in our world. You have to flood the senses and make sure that people can listen, watch, read, interact, and engage equally. The good news is that we miss out on the role play bit, though.

We know through experience that between identifying a customer’s need and closing a sale, the only meaningful weapon in your marketing armoury is content. So, just because you might be a wordsmith and a bookworm, don’t assume that all of your customers are.

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