How email and great content can fuel your buyer’s journey

One of the biggest challenges marketers face is finding ways to direct an audience from awareness and interest down the path toward actual conversion.

If you’re not getting leads, or if your leads aren’t converting, they’re falling off at various points in your sales funnel. So you have to find ways to fill the gaps with useful, valuable, and compelling content to successfully keep them moving along.

Thankfully – much like a good, wholesome breakfast fuels a solid day – email and great content work together to energize your leads (so don’t skip ‘em). Here’s a look at how combining them will help drive more conversions for your brand.

Why does nurturing leads with content matter?

Only 30% of marketers say their organization’s content marketing is effective (Content Marketing Institute). That’s a dismal number for today’s marketing landscape: Even though studies show that a solid content strategy drastically improves the success of your marketing efforts, marketers continue to neglect it.


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