Lead Generation

The truth is, there isn’t a silver bullet

For us, there are two critical measures. What leads are you generating and what conversations are you creating?

We know from years of research in Professional Services, the optimal balance of brand versus activation is 46/54%, so the amount of time and effort we spend in this area is vital. And we’re often asked by our clients what the most effective lead generation tools are. The truth is that there isn’t a silver bullet.

Like most effective campaigns, you must cover all bases. From emails to webinars to podcasts to books (yes, we write those for our clients) and everything in between. The key is to make sure that your lead generation and conversation creation recognises the seven stages of the customer journey and tailors that message accordingly.

Since working with STM, it has really brought to the fore that content, delivered in engaging ways, is king. Not content for the sake of it, but quality content. That’s what counts.

Anthony Ryland
CEO, Tap'd Solutions

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