Releasing the full power of your content

If there’s one thing a professional services marketer shouldn’t skimp on, it’s content. Quality content should underpin everything you do. Produced well, it will build your credibility, create conversations and in time, generate opportunities.

However, let’s not kid ourselves content marketing doesn’t come without its challenges. The market is crowded. The internet is awash with blogs, reports and e-guides. So, what makes quality content?

For our new report Standing out in a crowded market: 5 ways to succeed in professional services marketing we surveyed and interviewed your peers and buyers (HR leaders) to get their insight into what makes quality content.

Let your clients dictate what you say. Ask them about their challenges and comb your proposals for common themes. That way, your content will always be fresh and relevant.

Take a joined-up approach. Tie channels together around a single topic or campaign: for example, hold a round table, then publish a white paper, an infographic or a blog. Or link a series of senior leader blogs together to make a bigger story. (Make sure you publish them on the same date each month, though, so you don’t seem scattergun.)

Consider newer formats, and don’t be put off by cost. According to WordStream, 50% of marketing professionals say video delivers the highest ROI. And 7.1 million people in the UK now listen to podcasts each week. Quality content that reaches new audiences and grows your brand is worth the investment.

Put quality before keywords. Keyword research is crucial, but shoehorning them in will stand out to your readers. Focus on producing quality content instead and the relevant keywords will find their way naturally into your writing.

Bring your content to life. Try to link every piece to a story that showcases work you’ve done – not just case studies. And if you want to reference a client, or use a quote, position it in terms of the benefit the exposure will bring them.

To find out more about how you can build your leader’s social voice, download Standing out in a Crowded Market: 5 Ways to Succeed in Professional Services Marketing, where we share the five areas of marketing focus we think would help you to overcome your current challenges, practical tips and advice to help you stand out from your competitors, insights from your marketing peers at Adecco Group, Deloitte, EY and more, together with the 5 things your buyers want you to stop doing.