Analyse. Decide. Act. Measure.

Quite rightly, leaders expect their marketing teams to provide quantifiable evidence that the money they’re spending is bringing solid business results. But proving that can be challenging.

We work with lots of clients. And, we’re often asked what marks out the good from the great: the clients who succeed and those who don’t and what the successful ones have in common. The answer is that the good ones love Adam. Let us explain.

In most situations, you need to do four things to create a successful outcome. You need to analyse a situation, decide what to do, act on it, and measure its impact. Analyse, Decide, Act, Measure or ADAM. You see where this is going.

Now, here’s the thing. In our experience, the clients and the organisations that don’t succeed are those who never complete the ADAM loop.



We can help you see if and how your strategy is driving growth, what’s working and what isn’t and how you can get a better return.

ADAM, our fully customisable all-in-one real-time marketing reporting platform allows you to view insights from all of your marketing activities in one central reporting hub, including:

  • Key sales and marketing KPIs
  • Thought Leadership campaign performance
  • Key trends from your Google Analytics
  • Email marketing performance
  • Engagement across all your social channels
  • Important KPIs across every PPC channel
  • Real-time Google rankings and SEO performance

ADAM integrates with more than 30 marketing technologies to provide you with one single all in one marketing dashboard.

Our most successful clients live and breath ADAM. This is why they’re more commercial, more innovative, and have gained more significant momentum.

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