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The classic marketing funnel is not enough in professional services

We think many hours are wasted in endless meetings talking about theoretical strategies that never get deployed in the real world. So, we offer our clients three things as part of what we do.

The first is a three-hour workshop to define what you do, why you do it, how you do it and what you focus on. The result is a clearly defined articulation of your organising thought. Hopefully, that thing that your business will hang its hat on for years.

In our experience, that organising thought will always be born out of one of the following areas of a client’s business; your products or services, what you know about your customers, your company’s overall ambition or its culture.

We then apply a straightforward test to that organising thought. Does it pass what we call our Truth, Meaning and Promise test? So many organisations fail at least one of these.

And finally, we know that the classic marketing funnel is not enough in professional services. In understanding how your clients buy, we focus on the seven stages of any client’s decision-making journey, ensuring that marketing plays its part in amplifying each one. What are those seven stages? In the simplest terms, they are.

  • Have I heard of you?
  • Do I know what you do?
  • I'm clear that what you promise will help me.
  • You are credible enough for me to respect you.
  • I know that you have my best interests at heart.
  • I can corral support from the business to hire you.
  • I am ready to buy.

Each of these seven stages is critical, and it’s our job to help you build a strategy and plan to make sure we focus on each of these seven areas.

And then, of course, there are the five fundamental principles of B2B Marketing that you must apply to make sure your marketing is effective. Come and meet us and we’ll tell you more about those.

We have worked with STM since the beginning of 2017. They have understood our needs and have been excellent at supporting us with the development and delivery of our go to market plan in the UK. I think what stands STM apart is their expertise in professional services and the enthusiasm they bring to their work. It feel likes a true partnership and they are a trusted part of our team.

Sean Mills
Executive Director Ipsos LEAD – a division of Ipsos MORI

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