Why you need to know about Twitter’s 2021 Content Planning Guide

Let’s be honest, in professional services we all tend to focus more of our social media efforts on LinkedIn, understandably so. But how many of you simply dismiss Twitter and its effectiveness? Used well, it can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, giving you a valuable opportunity to develop relationships with your clients and prospective clients.

Personally, I’ve been getting more and more frustrated in recent months of LinkedIn’s algorithms. Yet, putting a bit more effort into Twitter I’ve actually been getting more engagement just from acting more like a human and genuinely getting involved in two-way engagement with my followers. If you’re simply just going to bang out messages about this and that without putting the real effort and thinking in, it’s not surprising if you don’t get results. We’ve always said that you get out of Twitter what you put into it.

Now, one thing I came across last week was Twitter’s 2021 content planning guide, which I thought was genuinely useful, and worth sharing.

Twitter usually publishes a helpful monthly list of key events and dates for marketers to plan and schedule content throughout the year, but after what has been the most unpredictable year on record, they have actually gone the extra mile and produced an overall strategic guide for 2021. The guide includes insights, tips, prompts and templates, all designed to help you establish and maintain a long-term strategy. 

Focusing on the two key elements of any effective social media marketing strategy – planning and consistency – the 108-page resource (yes, it’s comprehensive!) is designed to plan the year ahead and maintain your brand’s voice on the platform.

Like anything in professional services marketing, long term planning is key to building an effective, engaging social presence, even in the most unpredictable of times. It takes forward-planning to ensure you are tapping into key moments and trends throughout the year, so this is a very useful resource.

What’s Inside?

The guide sets off by having you establish your ‘guardrails’. What does this mean? Well, it’s simply an opportunity for you (and anyone else tweeting from your account) to understand what is acceptable and what isn’t on your business account. 

  • Are there competitor accounts that you should avoid tagging?
  • Are emojis accepted on your business account?
  • What images are allowed to be used on the platform?

The guide also helps you create your Twitter persona. This work is especially useful if you are new to the platform, but we’d encourage even established Twitter users to complete this worksheet. Particularly in light of the pandemic, the Twittersphere and digital world is constantly evolving, so you should be re-evaluating your strategy year on year and ensuring it sits well with your brand values and ambitions.

The next section – #ProTips, includes tips on key functions and tools to try to boost your tweet presence, such as using website cards in tweets (as opposed to URLS) and experimenting with a range of CTAs.

From there, the guide maps out the year with monthly worksheets, so you can enter in your monthly objectives and goals. Here, on the January planner page, you can see the calendar, along with suggestions for content. Beyond this, there’s a listing of tweet prompts, hashtag suggestions and poll ideas to help get you thinking.

Overall, it’s a very handy guide, especially for professional services firms who are either starting out with a Twitter strategy or who are struggling to get a grasp on what they should be tweeting about.

Honestly, don’t disregard Twitter just yet, give it a go in 2021, put the energy into it, but remember 2 things: success comes down to the amount of effort you put in, and making dialogue two way.

You can download the full Twitter 2021 Planning Guide here