What a wolf, a lamb and some hay can teach us about marketing

You may know the well-known problem of the farmer who needs to transport a wolf, a lamb and some hay across a river, but his boat can only take one at a time. How does he do it without the wolf eating the lamb or the lamb eating the hay while he’s gone? I won’t spoil the answer for you in case you enjoy solving these kinds of problems.    

What I will say though is the answer lies in something that, here at South Thames Marketing, we talk about a great deal; the power of logic and magic. A logical interpretation of the facts won’t be enough to help the farmer but a stroke of creativity will. What’s the point of the story, you might ask?

Well, we think it’s a good way to think about the role of technology in your marketing activities. Of course, it’s vital to have individual elements such as a website, a CRM platform, a marketing automation system, or a social media tool, to name but four. Without those elements, your marketing isn’t going to get off the starting grid. But, and to continue the analogy with our farmer, you’ll only get those things across the river with a stroke of creativity. And here, I’m talking about things like understanding your customer journey, building a brilliant user interface design and content marketing that shines. These are often the most difficult to crack because they take time, energy, resource and creativity.

But we know from our experience with our clients that the logic only works with the magic, and that’s never more true than in the world of professional services marketing. It’s why we focus relentlessly on using logic and magic to help grow our clients’ businesses. We know that it’s the only real way to create marketing that builds engagement and loyalty. It’s also why the farmer will never starve.