Why your best friend might be a man called Adam

We work with lots of clients. And, I’m often asked what marks out the good from the great: the clients who succeed and those who don’t and what the successful ones have in common. The answer is that the good ones love Adam. Let me explain.

In most situations, you need to do four things to create a successful outcome. You need to analyse a situation, decide what to do, act on it, and measure its impact. Analyse, Decide, Act, Measure or ADAM. You see where this is going.

Now, here’s the thing. In my experience, the clients and the organisations that don’t succeed are those who never complete the ADAM loop. They analyse too much and never make a decision. They make decisions without any analysis. And, here’s the killer one, they do the analysis, decision and action but never measure it. Compare that to the clients and organisations that get round the ADAM loop as often as possible, covering all four bases. They are more commercial, they are more innovative, and they have more significant momentum.

If you don’t believe me, get a piece of paper and a pen and draw circles with your eyes closed. What do you hear? The sound of perpetual motion and progress which is the key to growth for any organisation anywhere in the world.