You only ever have to ask four questions to get to the correct answer

I love blank sheets of paper. I love them more when they are horizontal, not vertical, because most people think horizontally, not vertically, but that’s for another day. I also love metaphorical blank sheets of paper. That is to say, those moments when clients are struggling to find the answers to their problems. I love it because I know from experience that I only have to ask them four questions to find the answers.

What’s more, I love it when I tell them that we have to work out what the answers are in no more than two sentences. Because, here’s the thing; If your clients can’t do that, you can bet your bottom dollar that their customers can’t either.

‘What do you do?’ is always a good question at the beginning. That’s always followed by ‘why do you do it?’. Question three is about how it’s done, and the final question is all about what the client focuses on. Four questions to focus the mind and create a simplicity of message that’s key to excellent communication. Because, here’s another thing. I have never heard a client or customer ask for more complicated messaging. Just like I’ve never seen a statue built to a committee. But that’s for another day too.